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Real Estate home readiness projects
Nill Backyard
Wildlife proof raised garden beds
Landscape walls
Building walls - warm inviting beautiful
Basalt rock garden project
Guy Friday 2020 card
2000 Guy Friday Truck
Stone Oasis
Beware Dogs, No Pooping on the Patio
This is Guy Friday - Call me Randy
2014-10-07 15.10.20.jpg
2013-09-12 11.32.51.jpg
2013-09-11 16.10.45.jpg
Refurbished rocker bench
Teak Patio Table and Chairs
Roof and Gutter cleaning
2014-07-11 17.29.09
Garden out of hand? Call Guy Friday
raised garden beds are forever!
Front yard composting reclamation

What kind of work does a
Guy Friday do?

Homeowner Maintenance


As of May 31st, 2023 Guy Friday  is retired, done. 

We had shop class in school so I've learned a bit. Dad and both Grandpas were pretty talented craftsmen.  A little rubbed off on me. Overall I've learned how to fix a lot of things, do regular upkeep, minor repairs, appliance installations you get the idea. But I'm not a plumber, electrician or skilled craftsman by a long shot. If you don't have the time or the skill to keep your place in top shape - Call Guy Friday. If I'm not the guy for the job? I'll tell you!

Pet watching, walking and washing


Kenneling your dog gets pricy. If you are heading out of town I can stop by and provide care for your animals so they can stay at home while you are gone. My flexible schedule allows me to slip in slots of activities to where I can let them out in the morning, provide feeding, even take them for a walk. Monty here to the left

loved it when I took him to a self wash dog spa. Giving the pet owner a clean dog and one less task to squeeze into a busy day.

Senior Stay in Home Support


Our parents today value every additional year they get to remain in their home. Having their kids around helps. But in many cases the kids have moved away. From completing trip and fall inspections around and in the home, to basic home maintenance Guy Friday can keep up with your parents’ home needs when you can’t be there yourself. When it does come time to prepare for an assisted living move I can supervise the process, having helped many others through this critical transition. Guy Friday is licensed, insured, and bonded CCB #210192.

Furniture assembly


Guy Friday speaks fluent Ikea and most other build at home furniture and accessories. I can estimate the time to build a piece of furniture by viewing a photo of the piece and checking the size of the bag of screws and pieces.  


Gardening and Yard Improvement Projects


Guy Friday is hanging it up. Retiring. Ten years later I'm shifting my focus to family. If I learn of  any reliable folk to help on your projects I will pass it along. 


I'm not a landscape architect, and don't try to compete with lawn care (blow and Go) crews. But I love building attractive, lasting, inventive projects on a very limited basis. 

Roof and gutter cleaning


Guy Friday has discontinued about all work on ladders. Roofs and gutters are generally out. Sorry. If I learn of an economical/ reliable service provider I will post it here.  

Airport shuttle or Elder Care Transport - Discontinued


Check with RideSource 541.682.5566




Additional Services



As a local guy who has tons of personal references I might just be the guy for you when you need to get out of town. The Bonus of hiring Guy Friday is that I will tackle your Honey Do list while you are gone. You double up and come home to a house with all your little projects done, refrigerator clean, pets excited to see you instead of you picking up an over excited pup when you return exhaused. Sounds like something you've never heard of other than getting one of your family member to take care of things while you are gone and they sure aren't cleaning your fridge. 



Hosting a Party but short on time or talent?


Guy Friday loves to throw a party. I can do the shopping, prep the foods and have everything ready for you to show up and be the star host, fresh and relaxed instead of ragged and cranky. My Pacific Potluck dinner has been a huge hit. A medley of fresh seafood, veggies and herbs that each guest builds into the unique meal wrapped in parchment paper. Half and hour later each guest digs into their own creation. Plus clean up is a snap! Lots of options - Call on Guy Friday!













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