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About Us

Guy Friday 


Serving the  Eugene Area Since 2013  CCB#210192


Who/What is Guy Friday? Well...if you are over 50 years old you likely know the term Girl Friday or Gal Friday was a popular term for a person, usually a woman,  in an office or work place who you could give just about any task or project to and she'd get it done. Resourceful, reliable, connected.


Guy Friday was originally created for the busy woman professional who might not have a guy to take care of those personal tasks around the home, yard, town or prioritizing her resources it was best to hand the project off to a handy guy. 


Today Guy Friday is really here to serve two primary customer types. Busy professionals who are either too busy, or just don't have the inkling or some of the skills required for homeowner maintenance. I've been a successful manager, expert in crew supervision, magical with logistics. Whether your home or business needs help with project planning and execution, just about any routine task, or the time to get everything done during the workday or week Guy Friday is your Guy. I even works nights and weekends.

The other customer who calls Guy Friday is the retired senior, or their kids who have their own busy lives, when assistance is wanted to maintain an independent lifestyle or support the effort to stay in their home. 

You can now call on Guy Friday. Your Guy for just about any task, project or personal detail. Call or text Guy Friday! 541.915.2259. Send me your project list. I'll check what I can readily take on, and if I'm not the Guy for the job I will tell you. Together we will prioritize each item, and schedule to fit your timeline. 

Eugene Guy Friday was born here. Has lived around the west, travelled around the world. He's been a fish buyer in Alaska, an Olympic Ski coach, and managed a large youth sports program. Along the way Guy Friday has installed sprinklers, replaced broken windows, put on masterful dinners, managed fundraisers, built flagstone patios in a five story backyard, knocked out a cultured stone raised garden bed on a Monday, where they were growing tomatoes on Saturday. You are getting the picture. One thing you can count on, if Guy Friday isn't the right guy for the job...he'll tell you.


I'm a Boy Scout, not quite an Eagle. I'm handy, licensed, bonded, insured. I prefer to let the quality landscape and lawn maintenance crews do their specialty. But, if you need a project done, don't have the time, and think 40 bucks an hour ($35 for seniors 70+) to have a fellow homeowner and local professional take on the task for you...Call or Text Guy Friday 541.915.2259

Oh and you can call me, Randy

Guy Friday does Commercial maintenance for some of the top service providers in the country. My commercial rate is $70 per hour

I've been the handy man for 


Aspen Dental

Victoria Secret



Bath and Body Works


The Walking Company


and others


What do Guy Friday's customers say about him?
Five Stars!
Guy Friday was there for me when I needed him. He was conscientious down to the gritty details- He knew that I needed significant forward motion toward my goal each day. Randy was extremely respectful and provides clear timely billing. Thanks Randy- so very much!  M. Edwards 12.2014
Guy Friday gets the job done.
I f  he isn't the guy, can't do the job, he'll tell you. Guy Friday cares about quality, texts you when he starts, again when he is done. No wasted time, and money well spent.” He completes the job like it's is his own home, yard, garden. Call Guy Friday!

Jerry, Eugene, Oregon

Want Guy Friday to do it for you? Need a personal concierge?


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Meet a Guy Friday customer

David is a part-time stay at home dad. Educated, capable, but literally has his hands full. He calls on Guy Friday for garden reclamation, weekly weeding, and sometimes to do the little things like finishing a countertop so he has time for a run....Ahhhh

David Heyer, Eugene, Oregon

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